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The Environment

Christchurch Ready Mix Concrete is strongly committed to achieving industry best practice standards of environmental management to preserve our sites and our communities and help build a cleaner, greener and safer future for the people of Canterbury.

The company has many in-house projects in place including wetland planting; site dust collection, recycling of concrete, concrete products, aggregate and grey water, fly ash usage, etc.


REMEMBER, these days where the trend is to look toward sustainability and eco-friendly products, CONCRETE IS RECYCLABLE, most other building products are not.


Christchurch Ready Mix Concrete operates production sites at Amberley and Woodend, with the majority of the raw material supply extracted from the ground.  This leaves huge holes and the company rehabilitates these large holes in the ground through creating lakes and planting flora to encourage bird life species.  This involves an extensive rehabilitation program and Christchurch Ready Mix Concrete employes fulltime staff to focus wholly on this very important task.