Request for Concrete Delivery

Request delivery of your Ready Mix Concrete in 3 easy steps 

As a further commitment to our client's ease and convenience, we have created one of the country's first client scheduling systems on our website.  We aim for the process to be as simple and convenient as possible.  Once you've filled it in and completed a request for delivery, one of our customer service team will review against our scheduling system and confirm the details of your request via email or phone.  It just takes three simple steps from you;

1. Select your desired concrete
2. Confirm your amounts
3. Confirm your details and delivery

Then, we'll be in touch.

1. Choose Concrete Type

Choose your concrete type from the list below.
If you require a confirmed quote, please call 03 323 8149.

If you know the MPA (strength) of the concrete you require please provide this below:

2. Set Your Requirements and Calculate

Set your requirements and calculate.
If you require a confirmed quote, please call 03 323 8149.

To work out your concrete requirements in cubic metres(m3) you will need to multiply length x width x depth.

3. Your Details

Enter your details and what day you would like to request concrete for.